What the Tech? Should You Switch from YouTube to Rumble?

There’s a big debate going on now about censorship on social media. Conservative voters are leaving Facebook for an app called MeWe, while conservative Twitter users switch to Parler.

Now there’s a YouTube alternative called Rumble that’s attracting conservatives and content creators.

Rumble.com doesn’t look much like YouTube but there are lots of video clips of dogs and clips of people falling down. But the biggest part of Rumble and the reason Trump supporters are going there are political shows and videos.

YouTube expanded its hate and harassment policies earlier this year to ban videos that promote conspiracy theories. So creators of those types of videos have moved over to Rumble.

In October, Rumble said there were about 50 million unique visits to its site, but that number has grown since election day. Rumble is currently the #2 app for photo & video in the Apple App Store.

Creators earn money from their videos several different ways. Earn more by making the video available only on Rumble and agree to not upload it to YouTube. Rumble then distributes the videos to mainstream media outlets and other sources.

If your video gets selected or placed on the front page, you’ll make more money. A viral video can earn thousands of dollars.

Some users make money capturing mundane video with their smartphone. This video, uploaded a few days ago has earned the dog owner 26 bucks.

Rumble hopes that by allowing people to monetize videos YouTube doesn’t allow, the platform will see more videos uploaded which will result in more people visiting the site. But like MeWe and Parler, Rumble is getting a boost from conservatives.

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