What the Tech? The True Cost of TV Streaming Services

Bad news for cord-cutters who left cable or satellite to save money: costs for some of the more popular streaming services are going up.

Netflix increased prices about two weeks ago. Hulu Plus Live TV jacked up the price by $10 a month a few days ago. And Google hiked the price of YouTube TV to $65 a month. Fubo raised its most popular subscription to $65 a month.

There are cheaper options of course. Philo is just $20 a month for 63 channels but there are no sports or local channels. Sling is $30 for 50 channels but it has no locals or networks either.

Bottom line, to get everything you want to watch costs about $65 a month plus taxes and fees. Price increases for TV are nothing new, but for cord-cutters, the savings aren’t what they hoped.

Some even say they’re thinking of unsubscribing.

What can you get without paying for a live TV streaming service? More than you think. Pluto, Tubi TV, IMDB, the Roku Channel are all totally free. Hundreds of TV shows and movies available using a Fire Stick, Roku, Google Chromecast, or a smart TV. You’ll have to sit through commercials, but you’re saving money.

For live TV programming, you must get an antenna if you don’t already have one. Depending on where you live you could get dozens of free channels including all the major networks so you don’t have to miss your favorite show or some live sports, as long as they’re on one of the big 4 networks.

Depending on how close you live to the station transmitters, you can get those channels with a cheap indoor antenna. You’ll just need one for each TV set. You can check online to see which stations you’ll be able to see with an antenna here. Just put in your zip code and Antennas Direct will show you how far away you live from station transmitters and which antenna is best for your home.

To see your favorite shows on a cable channel, like FX and A&E you could subscribe to Hulu’s base service for $6 a month.

Some network shows appear on this tier just one day after airing live. It also opens up Hulu’s vast library of movies and shows on-demand plus Hulu originals.

Getting sports is the holdup for many people to cancel streaming services. Though if you’re an Amazon Prime member, they’re broadcasting some pro sports now. So if you really want to save money with just an antenna, Amazon Prime, and a $6 a month Hulu subscription, you could save…about $700 a year, and still have something to watch.

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