Selma Mayor to Issue New Citywide COVID-19 Order

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Selma Mayor James Perkins addressed the upward trend of COVID-19 — the city’s Hurricane Zeta clean up efforts — and his house being shot into — at a press conference Friday morning on the steps of city hall.

Citywide COVID-19 Order

New cases of COVID-19 have increased exponentially in Selma and Dallas County over the last several days. Now the city of Selma is issuing new COVID orders.

Wal Perkins1120 Fox Pkg“It clearly shows that we have a crisis,” said Perkins.

Perkins says he’ll issue a city-wide COVID order by Monday — that will include all the provisions of the Alabama Safer at Home order issued by the governor.

“We are going to reinforce the wearing of masks while in public spaces because COVID-19 is now considered to be airborne,” Perkins said.

The order will also limit the number of people that can gather for events in the city.

“And then I am considering but have not made my decision yet on a curfew, but I will make a decision about that some time between now and Monday.”

Hurricane Zeta Clean Up

Perkins also updated the city’s effort to clean up — after Hurricane Zeta. Right now the city is accepting bid proposals from debris removal — and debris monitoring services.

“Wanted the citizens to know that we are moving as swiftly as we can to get this work done. And to get it done in a fashion that we can get reimbursed for most of the cost of getting it done. That’s key,” he said.

Perkins Home Shot Into

Perkins also made a statement about his house being shot into — last week. He called for a full investigation into the incident — and for a list of resources to help reduce shootings in the city.

“That can be used city-wide to help prevent this from happening to anyone and to help solve these type crimes city wide.”

The deadline to submit a bid proposals to the city is December 2nd.

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