Salvation Army Thanksgiving Lunch Still Underway

A Thanksgiving tradition of giving back is still happening Thursday in Montgomery despite the pandemic. The Salvation Army’s annual Thanksgiving lunch will look a little different this year, though.

Montgomery’s Salvation Army is still serving roughly 350 meals, but they have changed the way they’re doing to make sure people stay safe.

Lt. Bryan Farrington said community members can pick up pre-reserved meals at 11 a.m. Thursday. People will not be eating together in the cafeteria like usual due to COVID, but instead, picking up plated meals at the gate behind the main office. Residents who live at Salvation Army, roughly 40 people, will eat together at 12… then volunteers will deliver about 150 plated dinners to families in the area.

“We really appreciate the heart of people here in Montgomery for loving on those who don’t have,” Lt. Bryan Farrington said. “Even sometimes, sacrificial giving. We just thank you for your heart, and thank you for partnering with us and serving others in our community.”

“It means a lot for them to just come out and enjoy a good meal, have a good time, fellowship with one another,” Gwen Davis, Lead Cook, said. “It’s just an exciting thing. We smoked turkey legs and turkey wings last night. We’ve got that ready. We’re in the process now of doing the turkeys. We’re cutting up collard greens. Some of those are ready too. And we keep getting donations in.”

Lt. Farrington said the deadline to reserve a plate of food or request to volunteer was Wednesday at 4 PM. He says they are not lacking food or volunteers, but can always use more donations.

As for the red kettle fundraiser, Lt. Farrington says it is off to a slow start. Usually volunteers are ringing bells at about 48 locations daily, but this year, only about half of those locations are staffed.


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