COVID-19 Pandemic Responsible for Hundreds of New Jobs in Selma

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Hundreds of new jobs are on the way to the Selma-Dallas County area — and its all due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Three-ply disposable face masks will soon be produced at a facility in Selma.

Cullman-based HomTex, Inc. has received $10.5 million dollars in CARES Act funds — to expand its PPE manufacturing operation into the city.

State senator Malika Fortier is part of the team that worked to make it happen.

Wal Ppejobs Pkg“With the favor of God and the help of our governor, Governor Ivey, that was able to become a reality. They could see with this pandemic that there was a need — that there was an opportunity to invest in the machinery and the equipment that would make this type of PPE. So, they added that to their existing production,” she said.

The new manufacturing facility will create about 325 new jobs.

“Those are abundant life jobs, they’re not minimum wage jobs — healthcare, insurance, that people can have a good solid life, working everyday, thriving, flourishing, right here in Selma, Alabama.”

“This was great news for our area,” said WCCS President Dr. James Mitchell.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve had a company come in and hire that many people.”

Wallace Community College Selma was instrumental in the company’s decision — to put the facility in Selma.

“We’re partnering with them number one to provide the pre-employment training for all of their employees who will be working here. As well as, and the thing I think is a very big thing for the college — is — we will have an apprentice program set up with the so that our students can also gain experiences that way,” said Mitchell.

The expansion will make HomTex, Inc. one of the biggest PPE producers in the country.

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