Montgomery Announces Multi-Million Dollar Investment in City’s Transit System

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Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed/Source: Alabama News Network

Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed announced a multi-million dollar investment in the city’s public transportation system.

The money is coming from the CARES Act that was passed in March of this year.

The funding will go towards upgrading and maintaining the Montgomery Transit System, or “The M.” It will include things like adding and upgrading bus stops and city terminals and a new bus washer system.

Mayor Reed says access to public transportation is important for some to achieve the American dream.

“To make sure they are getting to work on time, picking up a loved one, and supporting small business,” Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed said. “That’s important for us to do and it’s hard when we have not invested in our public transportation that really services everyone in this community.”

The funding will also include an extra $3.00 per hour hazard pay for employees that worked during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To watch Mayor Reed’s full announcement, click here. 


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