Two Bowl Games Happening in The Capital City in December

Two bowl games are coming to town this month: the Camellia and Montgomery Bowls.

This is a unique year for The Football Championship Subdivision, or FCS, a part of the NCAA’s division 1 football team.

Johnny Williams, Executive director of the Camellia Bowl said this year, they’re picking teams to play that make the game more competitive and make more sense for fans to come out and watch.

The teams for both the Camillia and Montgomery Bowls have not been announced yet. Williams said they expect to announce the teams playing next week. The 7th annual Camilla Bowl and brand new Montgomery Bowl are expected to help out the City in the last week of December… a time when small business’s are usually the slowest.

A limited number of tickets will be for sale.. Occupying about 20 percent of the stadium.

“This year will be unique, too,” Williams said. “Most teams are trying to break teams so they don’t have to fly teams to a bowl game. They’ll likely ride a bus. We’ve got a lot of good football teams in the Southeast… Our partners with the Sunbelts, the MAG Conference USA, the American Conference. I think you may see some really good match-ups.”

The Montgomery Bowl kicks off December 23rd at 6 PM and the Camellia Bowl kicks off at 1:30 on Christmas Day.

Montgomery is no stranger to Christmas Day football. The annual Blue-Gray Classic has been played on December 25th from 1939 until 2003.

If you want to buy tickets, Williams said they should be available next week at

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