First Pfizer Vaccine Doses Administered in Montgomery


Epyannww4amkbljJust one day after Baptist South saw its highest COVID-19 hospitalizations, the first three Pfizer vaccines were administered in Montgomery.

Three healthcare employees (Pulmonologist Dr. David Thrasher, Lab team member, Amy Bohannon, and RN/emergency department Jared Knighting,) met the requirements for the vaccine. All were included in Phase 1A, were eligible and were interested in taking the vaccine.

All said they signed up and were given the vaccine Wednesday morning. They described the process as “easy” and like a “regular flu shot.”

The healthcare employees say they encourage all, who can, to take the vaccine. “Don’t be hesitant,” said Bohannon, “it’s been through a lot of clinical trials, we have the data showing that the vaccine is safe and is effective.”

Baptist South was delivered 3900 doses of the vaccine on Tuesday, and are set to begin distributing them to Baptist Health campus as soon as possible.


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