What the Tech? Gadget Gifts for Dad

Most dads will admit, we can be a little geeky when it comes to tech gadgets. That’s a good thing when you’re trying to find the perfect gift for them.

From Bluetooth speakers to gadgets for the grill, these tech gadgets make the perfect gift for almost any dad, and they probably don’t already have one.

Dads who do outdoor cooking could use one of a meat thermometer. The Thermapen IR is a good go-too thermometer that measures not only the internal temperature of meat, it also has infrared that shows how hot the surface is. That’s good for searing steaks on the grill or griddle.

Insert the prong into the meat for an almost instant reading or aim the other end of the thermometer toward the heating surface. It takes just 2 seconds to see an accurate temperature. He won’t grill without it. The Thermapen IR is $140 on the Thermoworks website.

If dad doesn’t need the Infrared reader, there’s the Thermapen Mk4 with just the prong for $89. The “Meater” is another grilling gadget option. This is a Bluetooth probe that connects to an app on a smartphone. Just enter what type of meat you’re cooking, whether you want it well done, medium or rare, and the “Meater” will send a notification when it’s just about to reach the ideal temperature. It takes the guesswork out of grilling or cooking in an oven. The “Meater” with one probe is $100.

One of Amazon’s top sellers this holiday season is a connected garage door opener. The MyQ smart garage door opener works with most belt-driven systems. Connect the MyQ hub to an outlet and connect it to your existing opener, then add a small unit to the garage door, and you’ll be able to control the door from an app. You’ll be able to see whether it’s open or closed.

Plus, it’ll allow for Amazon in-garage deliveries. Add an indoor security camera such as one from Ring or Blink and you’ll see in the camera app whenever the door is opened or closed. The My Q garage door opener is $30, and Amazon makes it free once you schedule a Key in-garage delivery.

It doesn’t matter how many Bluetooth speakers dad has, an additional speaker for another room, patio, or garage is a welcomed gift. There are many to choose from. The Tribit XSound Go is an Amazon Choice and one of the best in its price range. I purchased one back in 2018.

It’s rugged (I don’t know how many times it’s fallen off a table) and has a great sound with deep bass. It’s just $35 right now at Amazon. Other Bluetooth speaker options are from Bose and JBL.

If dad is working from home at a desk, how about a desktop fast charger. The Anker USB C Power Strip has three AC outlets and three USB hubs, including one USB-C. The 45-watt USB-C port can charge a 12″ MacBook in two hours, it’s $70 but $50 with an Amazon coupon available now.

Dad might be fine with a coupon book of free hugs from the kids, but I’ll bet he’ll love one of these tech gadgets.

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