Montgomery 4th Grader Helps Cancer Patient This Christmas

Cancer A 10-year-old from Montgomery is making Christmas extra special for a young cancer patient. It will be a Christmas both young boys say they will never forget.

Chase Perine, a 4th grader in Montgomery, has always had a soft spot for people battling cancer. His mom said he’s been asking for years now to help them out in some way. Monday, with the help of two MPS principals, Chase finally got to do just that… and one 6-year-old is having an even merrier Christmas.

6-year-old Caulio McLemore was diagnosed with Leukemia this summer. His grandmother, Adell, has been taking him to Birmingham every week for treatments. She said Caulio is generally a lively child, but the chemo and cancer has taken a major toll on his body: “He said ‘He has cancer.’ The worst word I can get in my life, even though I’d been through it with my parents… But to see my grand baby…”Cancer2

She explained the journey has been tough this year, but thanks to Chase Perine, they’re ending the year on a better note.

‘Let’s “Chase” Away Cancer’  is the slogan Chase is using to brand his giving to cancer patients: “You need to give to people and not to receive,” Chase explained. “You just need to help people out instead of more worrying about gifts.. Caring about more people.”

Chase’s mom, Celena, said he’s wanted to give to cancer patients from an early age. She told us Chase has never had any direct contact with cancer in his family but explained it’s a passion he’s always carried: “Chase would just always come home and talk about that he wanted to give the older he got. He didn’t understand why he needed to wait until he was older, why we couldn’t do it now. It’s been something he’s been very passionate about , and he’s been adamant about.”

With several wrapped gifts in hand and even a bicycle, Chase is doing just that for the first time for Caulio.

“What you have going on… Continue to do this because God has a plan for you, and it’s a blessing that you’re able to do this,” Caulio’s grandmother told Chase. “I truly thank your entire family.”

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