Foundation Pays off Mortgage for Fallen Montgomery Paramedic’s Family

David Mimm served as a paramedic in Montgomery for thirty years. He lost his life earlier this year while answering a call.

Mimm leaves behind a wife and three children who now have a big burden lifted off of them: a mortgage free home.

“It’s not even enough words to thank them for what they’re doing for us,” Elizabeth Mimm, David’s wife said.

54-year-old David Mimm, a paramedic for Care Ambulance Service, lost his life in March of 2020 when a car driving in Montgomery hit the ambulance he was riding in. At the time, he was caring for a patient experiencing a medical emergency. This, a day, Elizabeth says, impacted not only their family, but first responders throughout the River Region.

“The young people that would filter through, they always would get him to ride with him because he could train really well,” Elizabeth said. “Since he’s been doing this since 1983, he definitely formulated a lot of the basics, paramedics and E.M.Ts.”

Tunnel to Towers, a foundation that ensures families of fallen first responders are taken care of following tragedy, heard Mimm’s story and his impact on the community. That’s when the group decided to alleviate a financial burden for the Mimm family by paying off the mortgage held on the home.

“It allows me to have some comfort knowing that the house that we moved in when my youngest son was two…. We can remain in,” Elizabeth explained.

David’s son, David Mimm Jr., grew up working with his dad and learning the ropes of being a paramedic. Now, he’s following in his father’s footsteps.

“He’s impacted me to treat every one of my patients the same,” David Jr. said. “Do no harm. Treat them as human no matter the call or what time it is at night.”

“I wish it never happened, but hey, you can never question God… Just wish he was here with his family,” Shakira Ford, David Jr.’s fiance said.

Elizabeth is also a paramedic. She responded to that accident, but has not been able to return to work. She said this a blessing to be able to be at home with one less worry.

The Tunnel to Towers foundation not only help’s fallen first responders’ families, but also the families of fallen servicemen and women.

David Mimm was awarded the Protect and Serve Award by WAKA in 2001.

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