Prattville Gin Shop Enters Reconstruction Phase

The Gin Shop: a building with history dating back to 1848 when the Daniel Pratt Gin Company opened shop. The last company to use the building moved out in 2010, following with concern that it may be demolished.

In 2014, the Historic Prattville Redevelopment Authority bought the property, bringing hope for a fresh start and excitement for business owners in downtown Prattville that are in walking distance from the Gin Shop.

Katie Castanza, co-owner of kudzu and cotton, said she’s been following the project closely.

“It’s been in the works for a while, and it has had it’s troubles getting started, but we’re really excited to see the ball rolling and getting everything going finally,” Castanza said.

The total property is about 40 acres. These loft-style apartments would take up about 15 acres comprised with roughly 150 units. Mayor Bill Gillespie said each of the historic gin shop units will have their own style, while also preserving the historic architecture.

Castanza brought Kudzu and Cotton to Prattville two years ago. She said her business has actually spiked during the pandemic thanks to the community choosing to shop local… but she says more excitement is on the way.

“We’re excited about the whole upcoming prospect of new customers, new families, activity in downtown Prattvile. It’s all really exciting for us.”

Montgomery resident, Lycrezia Gray, frequents the Prattville community. She has kept up with progress on the project and is excited that the historic aspects of the building will remain intact, and she sees this having a big impact on small businesses in the area: “There will be more residents and more people opening businesses. I think it will be a good thing for everybody.”

Bradley Neaves with Historic Prattville Redevelopment Authority said the reconstruction process started two weeks ago. That’s phase 1 of the project consisting of site cleanup and levee construction. He said that phase is anticipated to wrap up near the end of spring.

Phase 2 consists of renovating and rehabbing the building. The projected completion date has not been determined.

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