2021 Brings New Hope and Optimism to Selma

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

As 2020 begins to fade into the rear view mirror of the past — folks in Selma are embracing the new year — and hopeful about what it’ll bring.

It’s out with the old — and in with the new in the city of Selma — as people welcome in 2021 — and bid farewell to 2020.

“I know everyone doesn’t really care for 2020, so I think everyone on this verge of ready for 2021. I think everyone is probably optimistic, I am too.”

Cody Kilponen is a Selma resident who’d like to see more growth in the city in 2021.

“Yeah, seeing everything grow and expand and get better in a positive way,” he said.

And he’s not alone.

“I want Selma to thrive and grow and all of our people to prosper,” said Ann Murray.

On top of that — the number one thing Selmians say they want to see in 2021 — is a cleaner — safer — city.

“Where people will actually feel comfortable shopping, browsing and walking the streets of Selma. That’s the most important part, making the people feel safe,” said Salisha Parker.

“I want the town to be clean. And moving forward, excited about the St. James opening, excited about our new leadership, the mayor and the city council, and so, we’re very hopeful,” said Murray.

People in Selma appear to be genuinely excited and optimistic about the new year — as well as the city’s future.

People also say they’d like to see a coordinated effort by the city to support tourism in the Queen City — to try and capitalize on the city’s rich history.

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