Pay It Forward: Shannon Stringer from Prattville


Shannon Stringer has been working hard since the pandemic started to assist the residents in her care.
And it hasn’t always been easy.
Here’s how she’s paying it forward.

Shannon Stringer helps plan activities for the senior residents at Charleton Place in Deatsville.
But when the pandemic hit, things changed not only changed for the activities she planned but for her residents.

“It has been very hard on them. Before families could come in and see them. They can go out with their families now, but when they come back, they have to quarantine I think 10 days now. It’s been very hard on them. A lot of depression,” said Stringer.

Shannon has been trying to connect them with their families virtually… And planning socially distant activities.

“We try to keep their spirits up and do what we can to keep them happy,” said Stringer.


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