Annual Bridge Crossing Jubilee Goes Virtual & Global in 2021

Wal Jubilee0107 Fox PkgFrom the West Alabama News Network–

Preparations for the Annual Bridge Crossing Jubilee are underway in Selma. And organizers say this year’s Jubilee — will be a global event.

“And it’s going to take place in a totally virtual format. That is due to wanting to fight COVID and keep as many people safe as possible, while at the same time staying true to the commemoration and the celebration of the Voting Rights Movement, Bloody Sunday and the Selma to Montgomery March.”

Jubilee Principal Coordinator Drew Glover — says anyone with internet access will be able to attend this year no matter where they are. And that means Jubilee 2021 has the potential — to be the most attended Jubilee ever.

“We’re going to of course miss the opportunity for everyone to be here physically in person this year. What we’re hoping is this will broaden the reach and the history — and awareness of the history of Selma. And get people excited so that when the pandemic’s over we can all come back in 2022,” said Glover.

“So that reality of being able to spread the message across the world really gives us an opportunity to touch so many more people with the importance of this history.”

A history that draws the interest of people all over the world. People like Americo Mendoza-Mori — and Miguel Rosas Buendia — of Peru.

“Even though people won’t be able to come in person, maybe this is a good opportunity for people from across the US — from across the world — to know more about Selma,” said Mendoza-Mori.

“The most important thing is remembering what happened here and teaching to new generations the history — why it’s very important to commemorate — and to continue you know, getting more energy to fight for more justice and real equality in the US,” said Buendia.

The 2021 Bridge Crossing Jubilee is set for March 5th through 7th.

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