Medical Breakthroughs: COVID-19 Mild in Children+Heart Failure Patients and COVID-19+How Mindfulness Helps Breast Cancer Survivors

A new review shows covid-19 is generally mild in young children.  Australian researchers looked at dozens of studies and found children under five years old were likely to recover. Half of those infected were infants and almost half of the younger children who were positive for covid-19 had no symptoms.

New research highlights the importance for heart failure patients to take precautions to prevent covid19. European researchers found patients with acute heart failure have nearly double the risk of dying if they get the coronavirus.

And mindfulness can help breast cancer survivors with pain. That’s according to the University of Ottawa that looked at breast cancer survivors with neuropathic pain who practiced mindfulness. Researchers found reductions in brain activity in areas related to pain, emotional regulation, and cognitive processing.  For more Medical Breakthroughs be sure to tune in to Alabama News Network weekdays at 5:00 p.m. on CBS 8.



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