Special Election Announced for Montgomery City Council District Three

The City of Montgomery has announced a special election for Montgomery City Council District Three.

The seat was vacated by the late, former City Councilman Tracy Larkin, who passed away on January 5. 

The special election will take place on March 23.

City officials say anyone interested in qualifying as a candidate for the seat, an individual must have at least six month of residency in District Three prior to the election. The prospective candidate must also live in the district during their term(s) of office and not hold any other public office. The exceptions would be that of a notary public or service in the National Guard or naval or military reserve.

In order to vote in the special election, voters must live in District Three for at least 30 days prior to March 23 and are authorized to vote in that district’s city-designated precinct.

Polling locations include:

  • Sheridan Heights Community Center (3A), 3501 Faro Drive;
  • New Town Community Center (3B), 1765 N. Decatur Street;
  • King Hill Community Center (3C), 814 Claremont Avenue;
  • Day Street Baptist Church (3D), 861 Day Street;
  • Houston Hills Community Center (3E), 207 Hall Street;
  • Alabama State University Acadome (3F), 1595 Robert C. Hatch Drive;

If necessary, a run-off election will be held on April 27.

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