MPS Teachers and Employees Express Concerns With Return to In-Person Class

At Tuesday nights Montgomery County Board of Education meeting, teachers and employees addressed the board with their concerns surrounding coronavirus and in-person classes.

Teachers say proper safety measures have not been taken, and they are having to incur out of pocket expenses for personal protection equipment.

Back in March MPS issued PPE to teachers, but teachers say one ziplock bag with two pairs of gloves ,two mask , and a bottle of hand sanitizer is all that was issued.

Teachers say those supplies have since ran out, and MPS has not supplied any more.

Some at the meeting also told the board that they are “losing students” with virtual learning.

Educators in MPS are being ask to instruct those students that are in-person, and virtual students all at the same time.

Some suggest there should be virtual teachers, and in-person teachers instead of asking on teacher to do both jobs.

Coronavirus cases continue to rise, with some MPS staff catching the virus.

One day after students that chose to return to in-person instruction resumed, Carver High School went into isolation for two weeks after an employee tested positive for coronavirus.


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