Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed Issues Statement Regarding Possible Protests

As Alabama News Network has reported, local, state and federal officials nationwide are preparing themselves for possible armed protests related to the impeachment of President Trump and the upcoming inauguration of Joe Biden as president.

The FBI has warned of protests in Washington and all 50 state capital cities.

Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed released the following statement regarding the City of Montgomery’s preparations for any possible protests:

“Our residents and businesses can take comfort in knowing we are taking every step to ensure their safety and security this weekend. I am directing Chief Finley and the Montgomery Police Department to use every resource at their disposal and authorized extra manpower. We have open lines of communication with the Governor’s Office and have been actively engaged with ALEA for months. In addition, we are working with federal agencies, including the Secret Service and FBI, who have been a source for insight and consultation. Regardless of the challenge, Montgomery is Ready.”

On Wednesday, President Trump released his own statement, calling for peace in the wake of last week’s unrest at the U.S. Capitol, which left five people dead.

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