What the Tech? COVID-19 Gadgets Unveiled at 2021 CES

There is a belief that the coronavirus entered the U.S at last year’s CES. With over 175,000 people from all over the world, walking in crowded spaces, demonstrating the same gadgets, and eating in the same places, it’s quite possible that CES 2020 was a virus super-spreader event.

At the 2021 virtual CES, companies are introducing tech to stop the spread.

Abbott Labs showed off its home rapid-testing kit with a companion app. The BinaxNOW testing kit gives results in 15 minutes and can display the result on the NAVICA app you can show to someone at work, school, or an airport as proof. The app displays the date of your test and when you should be tested again.

Scosche introduced a portable air purifier, and a magic fogger that disinfects any surface. Augie Rodriquez says it’s amazing. “It’s 100 times stronger than bleach and safer to use,” he said. Adding that the Magic Fogger solution is biodegradable and organic. It will be available later this year.

Clean Motion is a self-disinfecting doorknob for businesses and schools. After someone opens a door, there’s a disinfecting ring that wipes the doorknob clean with a sanitizing liquid.

This is done quickly and the company claims the solution kills all the germs hand sanitizers kill. The CleanMotion doorknob is in testing.

GateDoc is a smart temperature checker for businesses. As employees enter the building they approach the GateDoc device which reads their forehead temperature and sends a notification to the manager if it detects a fever. The company says this all happens within a half-second.

The Ettie is a video doorbell that checks the temperature of anyone coming to your door. Made by the company Plott, Matt Cultrera said he tested it before showing the doorbell to people at CES. “Immediately using facial recognition it will track where to take their temperature and it will go from the outdoor temperature to the actual temperature of the individual,” he said.

Once that’s done, the homeowner will get a notification on their phone where they can see and talk to the visitor and see their temperature reading before they open the door.

These inventions are not available to the public yet, but Abbott is already delivering 150 million BinaxNow rapid testing kits. And deliver another 30 million by March.

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