What the Tech? Do You Need an Amazon Smart Shelf?

Through the years Amazon has brought us gadgets and new technology that we couldn’t live without now.

Echo or Alexa devices to help us around the house, smart doorbells and cameras to protect our home, 2-day free shipping, and Amazon Prime Movies and Music.

Now, Amazon thinks a new gadget will help consumers who may have trouble remembering when they need something and for whom ordering themselves is just too difficult.

Amazon’s Dash Smart Shelf is a plastic scale that recognizes when a product is running low and automatically re-orders a replacement.

First introduced for business accounts the shelf is now being marketed toward the average consumer.

Here’s how it works:

The Dash Smart Shelf connects to your smartphone through the Amazon shopping app. You then select the item you want to track and place the shelf and item where it normally sits.

As an example, I set up my smart shelf in the bathroom closet and placed a 4-pack of toilet paper on top of it. The smart shelf, which is actually a scale then makes a note of the weight of the product. As rolls of toilet paper are removed from the shelf, it automatically re-orders the tp from Amazon using your Amazon account and payment information.

You can also set it up where the scale does not place the order automatically but will notify you that you’re running low.

Currently, the shelf works only with certain brands and products but more are being added. I found items such as kitty litter, office supplies, batteries, food items, diapers, dishwashing, and laundry detergent. I can see that might be a help to some but are we really too lazy now to check for ourselves?

How hard it is to add “coffee” to a shopping list by telling Alexa and picking it up the next time we’re in the store?

Amazon clearly believes it will help some people. While many of the reviews are making a mockery of the gadget there are a few that say how it helps to make sure their elderly family members never run out of certain necessities. And in the days of COVID-19 when many people don’t want to risk going to the supermarket, I suppose it can be helpful.

The Dash Smart Shelf comes in 3 sizes, 7″ x 7″, 12″ x 10″, and 18″ x 13″. Each size is the same price, $19.99. Amazon also discounts your first re-order by 25%. You can also use the shelf for Subscribe & Save discounts.

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