Medical Breakthroughs: Food Allergy Triggers+COVID-19 and Cancer+Chemo Side Effects

Scientists at Yale are zeroing in on what triggers allergic food reactions, they say the body has a built-in food quality control system that reacts to toxins. Researchers found that over time the human body has been exposed to processed foods, hygiene products, and antibiotics and that now, the gut may react to some food proteins as if they are toxins.

The Coronavirus has had a major impact on the detection and treatment of cancer. Researchers at Brigham and women’s cancer center in Massachusetts say about 14 hundred cancers and precancerous growths would have been diagnosed if more screenings were performed at the health center during the first peak of the pandemic.

Scientists in California say they’ve developed a new tool to determine whether older adults with early-stage breast cancer will develop severe, or deadly, side effects to chemotherapy. oncologists can discuss a patient’s score on the risk assessment tool and weigh treatment options against quality of life concerns.

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