Students, Faculty & Staff Back on Campus at Judson College

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Judson College in Marion is open for business this semester — after alarms were raised last semester — that the school was in danger of closing.

Students, faculty and staff at Judson College — are now back on campus.

Although the prospect of the school not reopening for the spring semester — was a real possibility — just a few weeks ago.

“We’re very happy that the spring semester has arrived and that students are back on campus,” said President W. Mark Tew.

“We are excited about the opportunity to continue their education in the majors that they’ve selected.”

Wal Judsonopen PkgAnd Judson students are happy and excited to be back on campus as well. Many say the possibility of the college not reopening for second semester — was a bit unsettling.

“I was very upset and kind of flabbergasted at the possibility of it actually closing,” said Shelby Gerald.

“Everyone was kind of scrambling to try to figure out other options. And so it was really stressful” said Maddison Hock.

“It was heartbreaking for sure,” said Jessica Howard. “I wasn’t sure. Cause I never really considered other options.”

President Tew says more than $1.4 million dollars has been raised — to keep the doors open at the school. He says the money provides the school with some solid financial footing — moving forward.

“We at this point are cautiously optimistic about moving to the summer and making plans for the fall semester,” said Tew.

And that means — the 182 year legacy of providing christian education for women — continues at Judson College — for now.

Judson College is a private Baptist college. It’s the fifth-oldest women’s college in the country.

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