Medical Breakthroughs: Ivermectin and COVID-19+Women,Men and Heart Attacks+Marijuana’s Effect on Mood Disorders

A new study finds people who take the drug ivermectin immediately following a mild coronavirus diagnosis have a smaller viral load and shorter duration of symptoms. Spanish researchers say the FDA-approved drug used to treat head lice and tropical diseases could help reduce viral transmission of covid-19.

Women are more likely to experience a wide range of risk factors prior to a heart attack including hypertension, diabetes, and anemia according to a new mayo clinic study. In the hospital after a heart attack, men are more likely to undergo imaging of the heart’s blood vessels and receive treatments to open clogged arteries or redirect blood flow. Researchers also found women younger than 65 were more likely to suffer major complications after a heart attack and die at the hospital.

A study of over 200-thousand young people with mood disorders finds those who use marijuana are at higher risk of suicide and self-harm. Researchers from Ohio State University say cannabis use can worsen mood disorder symptoms and make treatment more difficult. For more Medical Breakthroughs be sure to tune into Alabama News Network weekdays at 5:00 p.m. on CBS 8.

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