ENCORE TONIGHT: 20/20 “The Chamelon”

The 20/20 Event Special "The Chamelon" airs TONIGHT at 9|8c on your local ABC32!

“20/20” reports on a murder mystery that unraveled across the country for over three decades, including details about how cutting-edge DNA technology and a mysterious 5-year-old girl provided crucial clues that helped authorities solve the case. The story began in 1985 in the deep woods of New Hampshire’s Bear Brook State Park when authorities discovered a barrel, and years later a second barrel, containing the unidentified bodies of a woman and three children. In 2018, a local podcast renewed interest in the cold case and sparked a movement of citizen sleuths, working alongside homicide detectives, plus a genetic genealogist, who uncovered the true identities of three of the four victims in 2019.

“20/20” features an interview with Diane Kloepfer who is the daughter of Terry Rasmussen, the serial killer authorities linked to the case, who by then was dead. Kloepfer recalls the moment she learned her father’s shocking identity and his horrible crimes and reflects on what life was like with him. The two-hour program also includes interviews with siblings of victim Marlyse Honeychurch; and Armand Beaudin, the father of presumed victim Denise Beaudin. ABC News cameras captured the emotional moments at a funeral where the gravestone of two of the Bear Brook victims was finally given their names and as Rasmussen’s daughter met family members of some of the victims who lost their lives at the hands of her father. “20/20” includes interviews with those vital to the case including genetic genealogist Dr. Barbara Rae-Venter; websleuths Rebekah Heath and Ronda Randall; and Jason Moon, host of “Bear Brook,” New Hampshire Public Radio’s hit investigative podcast that helped crowdsource an investigation. The program raises questions that remain today about who is the unidentified fourth victim, and who and where is her mother.

The 20/20 Event Special “The Chamelon” airs TONIGHT at 9|8c on your local ABC32!

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