Demopolis Fire & Rescue Sponsors Firefighter Apprenticeship Program

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Demopolis Fire & Rescue has become the first fire department in the state — to institute a registered apprenticeship program for firefighters.

Josh Laney is the Director of the Alabama Office of Apprenticeship.

“Firefighter apprenticeship programs are one of the largest training programs using apprenticeships across the country. And we’re really proud to see that Demopolis is taking advantage of being the first city in Alabama to register a firefighting program,” said Laney.

Wal Apprenticeship Fox PkgDemopolis Fire and Rescue responds to over 800 calls each year. Everything from fires — to medical emergencies — as well as, Haz-Mat — and disaster situations.

“We try to go above and beyond the state requirement. That’s why we’ve developed our own training program. So we can develop our men how we want them to be — and function how we need them to function within the city of Demopolis,” said Acting Fire Chief Talmus Williams.

The apprenticeship program offers the training to develop the necessary job skills — in addition to a well-defined career path.

However, training more effective firefighters — isn’t the program’s only benefit.

“It funds our budget. It gives us credit for training our guys to a certain level. And they actually will fund our budget 50 percent,” said Williams.

“It actually gives us money that we can actually use in other places.”

“By training these kids at a young age, I can’t think of any better way to number one, keep them off the street. And number two, keep them in Demopolis,” said Mayor Woody Collins.

For more information about the Firefighter Registered Apprenticeship Program — contact Chief Talmus Williams at (334) 289-1212.

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