Alabama News Network Launches “3 Degree Guarantee”



The Alabama News Network Weather Authority team is launching a new project, called 3 Degree Guarantee. It will allow you to track the accuracy of our high temperature forecasts for Montgomery while also raising money for local charities.

It is being presented as a partnership with Gipson’s Tire Pros, the sponsor of the Alabama News Network Thunder Truck.

Here’s how the 3 Degree Guarantee will benefit the community:

Each night during the 10 p.m. news, our meteorologists will issue an official forecast for the next day’s high temperature in Montgomery. The following day at 6 p.m., they will show whether they got the forecast within three degrees of the official high temperature recorded at the Montgomery Regional Airport.


If they did, Alabama News Network and Gipson’s Tire Pros will each donate $25, for a total of $50, to the designated local charity of the month. While that may not sound like much money, at the end of a month with 31 days, there’s the potential to raise $1,550 for charity. There’s the potential to raise $18,250 in a year.

The charity selected for February is the Autauga County Family Support Center in Prattville.

You will be able to track the Weather Authority team’s accuracy and the money raised for charity on our website.


In addition, you have the chance to make your own forecast and possibly win a 3 Degree Guarantee T-shirt. Go to this page on our website and enter your information, as well as your own high temperature forecast. If you get it exactly right, you’ll be entered into a drawing with others who got the temperature forecast correct to win the shirt, courtesy of Alabama News Network and Gipson’s Tire Pros.

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