MPS Students and Families Adjust to Virtual Learning

On Monday, Feb. 1, Montgomery Public Schools went to full virtual learning after several COVID-19 cases and even deaths within the school system.

Several students have been going virtual since last March, while others just recently returned on Monday.

For the Sellers family, virtual learning was a must in order to keep high-risk family members safe. MPS students, Ellie, 3rd grade, and Rylan, 8th grade, have adjusted differently to virtual learning.

For Rylan, the adjustment was hard in the beginning but now is very ‘easy’ as he described. For Ellie, adjusting hasn’t been easy. “It’s harder to learn when you’re in a zoom meeting, because when you’re in school you don’t have all the internet problems, and all the shared screens, and even lighting problems,” Ellie said.

Mother, Tami Sellers, says they have experienced several other problems while going to school virtually. Sellers tells us she had to return Ellie’s Chromebook that was distributed by MPS, due to sound issues. She says they still haven’t received a new one forcing her to buy one of her own.

Sellers also says her son has gone through a few different math teachers, due to others quitting throughout the school year.

Both students say they believe that this is what’s best for everyone’s safety but there are times when they wish they could be back in person.

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