Medical Breakthroughs: Sleep and Depression+Breast Cancer and the Brain+Calorie Labels on Alcoholic Bottles

Not getting enough sleep could lead to more depressive symptoms for older adults. that’s according to a new study in the journal of American geriatrics society which also found that exercise and mindfulness could help relieve stress for adults as they become frailer.

Doctors believe there is a link between breast cancer and brain function. A new report finds that a quarter of breast cancer patients live with cognitive impairment before undergoing cancer treatment while many see a decline after. Researchers hope their findings will make evaluating cognitive function a priority for doctors.

Mandatory calorie labels on alcoholic drinks could help tackle obesity. Researchers with ‘obesity reviews’ say many people are unaware of the calories in alcoholic beverages and would support labeling. The review did not find evidence that labeling would directly impact how much a person drinks.

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