MPS Nurses Help Distribute Vaccine at Mass Coronavirus Vaccine Clinic

On Monday, February 8, hundreds of cars lined up to begin receiving the first round of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. The site located at the old Montgomery Mall at 3003 E. South Boulevard expected to distributed 1,000 doses of the vaccine.

Helping expedite the vaccine and aiding things to flow smoothly, it took volunteers pitching in, such as school nurses from the MPS system.

Dr Moore says a lot of MPS workers were in this group and they still have more MPS workers and school nurses to come. She also says it’s their way to help the community and she’s appreciative that there is a vaccine now. With the MPS system having 28,000 kids, 4,500 workers, it great to know that things are beginning to move and they can eventually get the vaccine and everybody can get back to as normal as possible.

EMA Director Christina Thorton says they had about 125 people throughout the day taking shifts as volunteers that help coordinate the day.

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