Gov. George Wallace’s Name Removed Off UAB Building Due to 1960s Support of Racial Segregation

George C. Wallace

FILE – In this June 11, 1963 file photo, Gov. George Wallace blocks the entrance to the University of Alabama as he turned back a federal officer attempting to enroll two black students at the university campus in Tuscaloosa, Ala.  (AP Photo/File)

The University of Alabama at Birmingham has removed the name of four-term governor and presidential candidate George C. Wallace from a campus building over his support of racial segregation.

A resolution unanimously approved by trustees Friday says Wallace rose to power by defending racial separation and stoking racial animosity. While noting Wallace’s eventual renouncement of racist policies, the resolution says his name remains a symbol of racial injustice for many.


A building that was named after Wallace in 1975 will now be called simply the Physical Education Building. Multiple other buildings around Alabama still bear Wallace’s name.

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