Montgomery County Probate Court Commemorating Black History Month by Releasing Weekly Videos

Img 5974The Montgomery County Probate Court is Commemorating Black History Month. To commemorate Black History Month, the Montgomery County Probate Court throughout February will release four weekly videos showcasing historical records from the Montgomery County Archives, a division of the probate court.

These videos will be released on the Probate Court Facebook page each week on Thursday.

The first video presentation will be:
1. The Montgomery Bus Boycott Mug Shots
2. Slave Holder Affidavit, depicting slaveholders in jail in the county
3. State Files..records of Death enslaved person inventory
4. African American Marriage License after the Civil War.

The Montgomery County Archives is located at 101 South Lawrence Street or you can call at 334-832-7173 and is open Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm.

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