COVID Vaccination Clinic in Selma Ends Two Days Early

From the West Alabama newsroom–

The COVID vaccination clinic in Selma ended two days early — after health officials there administer their five-day supply of the Moderna vaccine — in just three days.

Five thousand people took advantage of an opportunity to protect themselves from COVID-19 — at a drive thru vaccination clinic this week in Selma.

Vaughan Regional Medical Center coordinated the event.

J. David McCormack is the Chief Executive Officer at the Vaughan.

“The state selected 8 different communities. We were one. And their goal was to deliver 5000 vaccines, 1000 a day for five days. Fortunately, we were able to deliver all 5000 by Wednesday evening,” said McCormack.

“It was good to see the volume of people that came out and wanted the vaccine.”

Wal Clinicwrapup Fox Pkg 1McCormack says the second dose of the vaccine will be administered next month.

“In four weeks, March 8th through the 12th, we will be giving the second dose to the people that received them this week,” said McCormack.

The vaccine is also being administered on a smaller scale at several locations around town.

Main Street Family Care has been vaccinating people since January.

“So just in the last week and a half we’ve administered a little over 300 doses here in the Selma Clinic,” said Chief Marketing Officer Betsy Stewart.

However — not everybody is rushing to line up to get the shot.

Ronnie Rigsby of Maplesville is apprehensive about taking the vaccine.

“I don’t think there’s been enough testing on it yet. I don’t have enough information on it yet. So I’mma hold off,” he said.

The Dallas County Health Department — Dallas Avenue Pharmacy — and Wal-Mart — are some of the other places in Selma — where the vaccine is available.

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