What’s In The Latest Alabama Lottery Bill?

Legislators say the bill is promising.

Two weeks into the Alabama Legislative session a lottery bill is gaining support.

The bill is sponsored by veteran Republican Senator Del Marsh of Anniston.

Legislators say this is one of the strongest lottery bills they’ve seen in the state house in recent years.

Senator Marsh’s bill has 100 percent of money going to a scholarship fund after winnings are paid out.

The state will collect money from  20 percent of net revenue  on operators and taxes.

This money will be divided between the general fund, the gaming trust fund for education, and local counties and municipalities.

75% of money collected from net revenues will go into the general fund.

20% will go into the gaming trust fund that would be created if the bill passes.

5% will go to county commissions and municipalities where operators are located.

Additionally, the 75% that would go to the general fund is earmarked.

65% would be used for information technology infrastructure (broadband expansion).

25% would be used to build up rural healthcare across the state.

10% would go towards mental health care.

Those numbers are up to the first billion dollars. After the first billion has been reached, the percentages will change as follows:

  • 25% to the General Fund
  • 25% for the provision of rural health services
  • 15% for mental heath services
  • 10% appropriated for grants awarded to counties and municipalities that don’t have a gaming facility, to be used for infrastructure improvements.

“My goal is to put something before the people of Alabama that treats the state fairly in terms of revenues to be anticipated, and has the dollar’s going to specific programs that the people of Alabama want to see them going to,” said Senator Del Marsh.

The legislation also has provisions for table style casino gaming in Alabama.

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