Medical Breakthroughs: COVID-19 and Heart Disease+Children Dental Care+Bladder Cancer Drug

COVID-19 poses an extra danger to patients with heart disease and doctors think there should be a system for getting those at the highest risk vaccinated first. The American College of Cardiology recommends patients with advanced cardiovascular disease be prioritized over those with conditions that are well managed.

The pandemic may be getting in the way of children’s dental care. A poll by Michigan Medicine finds one in three parents have had trouble scheduling a check-up. the good news is more than a quarter of parents say their kids are taking better care of their teeth, including more brushing and flossing and cutting down on sugary drinks.

And a new type of drug may significantly increase the survival of patients with the most common form of bladder cancer. Trial results published in the New England Journal of Medicine found the new class of drugs help target chemotherapy directly to the cancer cell lowering the risk of death. For more Medical Breakthroughs, be sure to tune into to Alabama News Network on CBS 8 at 5 pm.

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