Pay It Forward: Aieda Harris of Montgomery

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This week’s Pay It Forward honoree is Aieda Harris from Montgomery. She’s been running a non-profit for 20 years helping at-risk youth and others in the community.

It’s called E.C.H.O. (Empowering Communities Helping Ourselves).
It’s a mentoring program for at-risk youth, who get help with homework and served meals after school.

“Right now, we are serving between 500 and 600 kids a day, and we provide food boxes for senior citizens from the Montgomery Area Food Bank,” said Harris.

Harris has been doing it for two decades…but that’s not all she does.

“I’ve known Aieda for 20 years,” said her friend and nominator Robyn Blessing. “She is such a giving person. She has done a lot for people, for individuals. Thanksgiving, they are always out giving turkeys. Christmas, they are out giving boxes. I think Aieda would give away her skin if she could. She is a wonderful, loving, giving person.”


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