Judge Drops One of Two Capital Murder Charges Against Three Accused of Killing Montgomery Teenager, 4th Suspect Identified

Lesley Pantaleon

Lesley Pantaleon/Source: CrimeStoppers

A Montgomery judge has dropped one of the charges against three teenagers accused of kidnapping and killing a another teenage girl last year.

Circuit Court Judge Monet Gaines dismissed the charge of Capital Murder during Robbery against Tyeshia Whisenant, Erin Taylor, and Ta’Niya Merriweather. Judge Gaines said in an order that there wasn’t enough sufficient evidence to substantiate the charge of Capital Murder due to robbery.

However, Judge Gaines upheld the charge of Capital Murder-Kidnapping against the three suspects.

A fourth teenage suspect has been identified in the case. Damon Lewis with the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office confirmed to Alabama News Network that Keontae Davidson was also arrested in connection to the homicide.

Lewis said Davidson wasn’t previously identified due to his age at the time of the arrest. He has since been transferred from juvenile court to adult court. Davidson is charged with Capital Murder during Robbery and Capital Murder-Kidnapping.

Authorities say the four teenagers are responsible for the kidnapping and death of 17-year-old Lesley Luna Pantaleon.

Pantaleon was reported missing on June 24, 2020. Her body was later found near Catoma Creek on July 4.

The five Capital Murder charges are now bound over to the Grand Jury.

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