A Look at the Type of Training Jet That Crashed Near Montgomery Regional Airport


Alabama News Network has more information about the U.S. Air Force training jet crash near the Montgomery Regional Airport that killed two people.

The jet was flying from Columbus Air Force Base in Mississippi to Tallahassee, Florida, when it went down late this afternoon.

A spokesperson for Columbus Air Force Base has confirmed the aircraft that crashed was a T-38 trainer jet, a two-seater that has been in use for decades.

It is a twin-engine, high-altitude, supersonic jet trainer that can climb to nearly 30,000 feet in just one minute. It can fly at more than 800 miles per hour.

The instructor and student sit in tandem on rocket-powered ejection seats.

This type of aircraft first flew in 1959, and more than 1,100 were delivered to the Air Force.


Alabama News Network will keep you up to date on the investigation into the crash on-air, online and on our mobile app.

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