What the Tech? How Social Media Raises Money for Texas Storm Victims

Social media and payment apps are making a difference as Texans continue to deal with the aftermath of a devastating winter snowstorm.

Actress and supermodel Crissy Teigen tweeted to her 13.7 million followers to help her and others find organizations and non-profits that need assistance. “Please list some good ways to help Texas here-for me and for all of us,” she tweeted.

Hundreds of replies replied to her tweet mentioning organizations across the state accepting donations through Venmo and CashApp. It’s one of the first times I’m aware that the apps have been used to raise money to help people and organizations during and after a disaster.

The hashtag #lovethyneighbor trending on Twitter, passing along organizations accepting donations through Venmo, CashApp, and PayPal.

A few of the organizations mentioned are:

Dawaheals is a non-profit in Austin providing assistance to people of color, specifically artists, musicians, and teachers.

Survive 2 Thrive Foundation is putting some of Austin’s large homeless population up in hotels.

Austin Mutual Aid started a GoFundMe project to help house the homeless in area hotels until temps warm again. It started with a 75-thousand dollar goal but has raised well over $400,000 so far.

San Antonio Mutual Aid takes donations through Venmo and the CashApp and you can help @feedthepeopledallas using Venmo and the Cash App

There are other opportunities you can find by searching for the hashtag “Love thy Neighbor TX” on Facebook and Twitter.

The response has been so great Houston Mutual Aid posted that it is no longer accepting donations and thanked those who made donations.

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