Pay it Forward: Jemecia and Trinette Ross from Montgomery

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Jemecia and Trinette Ross love helping those in need.

“Even before the pandemic came or existed they were doing things for their neighbors. Helping children that might need some clothes are something. If you heard about somebody that might have lost a home to a fire and might have had unfortunate circumstances fall upon them, they still did that,” said Shirley Brown.

And when the pandemic hit, they took action.
The Ross sisters founded Open Hands Overflow, Inc, a non-profit organization providing those in need with clothes, food and essential items.

“During the pandemic, with the essential items and things to help cope with COVID, they were kinda hard to find. It was a blessing for us to be able to get up and get out and find those items, so we just shared what we were able to come up with,” said Trinette.

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