Debunking Coronavirus Vaccine Myths

With two Coronavirus vaccine products available and another on track to be in use soon, some people are wondering which vaccine is the best?

According to Dr. Scott Harris, the top health official in Alabama, all of the products are effective at preventing serious illness or death.

“The best vaccine to take is the one that you have offered to you. Please don’t shop for them or wait around because you think one is better than the other. That’s a rumor and is not true, these vaccines are equally effective in preventing serious sickness, hospitalization or death.” said Harris.

So what happens if a person gets their first shot, but missed or has to reschedule their second shot? Dr. Harris says missing the shot by a few weeks won’t hurt.

“Waiting up to 6 weeks is not going to impart your ability to have a good immure response, so even though you may have received it this week, up to 6 weeks later you will be perfectly ok,” said Harris.

Harris says that people who have tested positive for coronavirus should still get vaccinated.

No provider in the state should be charging citizens for vaccines, and any attempt to charge for vaccinations should be reported to ADPH.


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