Second Suspect Charged in Highland Avenue Murder Investigation

The Montgomery Police Department has charged an additional suspect with the death of Terry Dugruise, 49, of Montgomery.


On Friday, February 19, around 3:45 p.m., MPD and Fire Medics responded to the 2400 block of Highland Avenue in reference to a found body. At the scene, contact was made with Dugruise who sustained fatal injuries and was pronounced deceased on the scene.

MPD has charged an additional suspect, Samantha Lopez, 37, of Montgomery, with Murder. Lopez was also identified as a suspect, taken into custody on February 24, 2021, and then placed in the Montgomery County Detention Facility.

The circumstances surrounding the death of Dugruise are unknown however, Lopez was identified as an additional suspect.

There is no additional information available for release in connection to this continuing investigation. This was the 12th Murder of 2021.

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