What the Tech? App of the Day: Skiplagged

It’s nice to begin thinking about taking a vacation again. As COVID cases continue to drop many people are planning a vacation for later this year. Of course, we all want to find the best deals and a controversial smartphone app claims to search for and discover deals you’d never find otherwise.

Skiplagged searches for “Hidden Cities” or deals on flights that make a stop in the city you want to visit.

Using the app to search for flights to Dallas from Nashville I found I’d save roughly $20 by making a reservation on a flight to Orlando with a stop in Dallas. Travelers would then hop off the first leg in Dallas and skip the continuing flight to Orlando as the final destination. You’re in Dallas with an extra $20 for dinner.

I don’t know about you but saving $20 this way is not worth the inconvenience and any guilt you might have of “tricking” the airline. On domestic flights, I didn’t find any great savings.

International flight is a different story.

Looking at a flight to Amsterdam from Nashville, American and Delta both have flights for $3,534. Skiplagged found a flight to Bremen, Germany with a stop in Amsterdam for just $744.

That’s a huge savings of over $2,700! You can book that flight to Breman, get off in Amsterdam and book a return to the United States the same way.

Skiplagged says the strategy is legal but several airlines have threatened to punish passengers who use the app. United Airlines even sued the 22-year-old developer of Skiplagged in 2015 but lost in court.

Lufthansa Airlines sent one passenger who “skiplagged” a bill for the total cost of the one-way flight plus interest. The passenger didn’t just do it once, he reportedly “skiplagged” 38 flights.

Before you decide to use the gimmick to save on your next flights there are some things you need to consider:

● You can only book one-way tickets.
● You cannot check your luggage since it will continue on to the final destination
● You should probably only use backpacks as a carry-on since small carry-ons with wheels may be checked at the gate.
● Do not use your frequent-flier number or airline discounts. Airlines might delete points you’ve already earned if they notice you skipped out on the flight.
● Do not tell anyone you’re using the app or skipping the final flight. United Airlines instructs its attendants to spot “skiplaggers”
● Do not use it frequently. The more you use the loophole the greater the chance the airline will seek to punish you for skipping the last flights.
● Understand that by skipping flights you could inconvenience other travelers because the airline might delay the flight to give you a chance to get to your gate.

Skiplagged is a free app for iOS and Android devices.

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