Lowndes County Left Out as Site in Gaming Legislation

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The lottery and casino legislation being discussed in the state legislature — leaves out Lowndes County as a site — even though it’s currently home to two gaming centers.

Wal Whitehallreax Fox Pkg2Selma attorney — and former state senator Hank Sanders says state law makers — should include Lowndes County as a gaming site — in any gaming legislation — to be considered by the legislature.

The county already has two electronic bingo facilities — currently operating in the town of White Hall

“And to see those people who are employed lose their jobs — that’s just not right,” said Sanders.

Sanders spent more than 30 years in the state senate. He helped get two constitutional amendments through the legislature — to bring electronic bingo into the county — back in 2000.

Wal Whitehallreax Fox Pkg“We had to run it in the newspaper before you ever introduced it. And when we introduced it we then passed it in the Senate. You had to do that by a three-fifths vote. And then pass it in the house by a three-fifths vote. And then it had to go to the people to be voted on. That’s the way constitutional amendments are.”

The gaming centers also support public safety in the town of White Hall — contribute to schools — and voluntarily pay property — sales — and state taxes.

“To have anybody just come in and take that away does a disservice. Lowndes County is one of the poorest county’s in the state, and one of the poorest counties in the United States. So, to have that just snatched away.”

A proposal that would authorize a lottery and multiple casinos in the state — is under discussion in the Alabama senate.

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