Pay It Forward: Nan Brown Curtis from Selma

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This week’s Pay It Forward honoree goes to Nan Brown Curtis of Selma.
She is a two time cancer survivor and makes it her mission to educate others and give them hope.
“My heart is in it because I want other people to survive and to make it. Don’t let fear– fear will stop us and end things for us if we don’t continue to press forward,” said Curtis.

To hear her talk, you would never imagine the pain she has had to endure.
Nan Brown Curtis is a walking miracle after being diagnosed in 1998 with colorectal cancer.
And just a year ago with lung cancer.

Nan speaks at events educating people about lifestyle changes. She started a sister program to support other women in going to the doctor or needing a shoulder to cry on. She also is involved with Relay for Life each year.

“Nan is a wonderful person. She cares about people. Nan and will go and visit people when they are sick. She will go to any kind of program or anything to give information about cancer. Not just breast cancer any kind of cancer. She will let you call her on the phone at any time,” said her nominator Vanessa Goodwin.

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