Baptist Health Updates Visitation Policies In Wake of New COVID-19 Guidelines

In compliance with new guidelines issued by Alabama Governor Kay Ivey on Thursday, March 4, the following policies will take effect Friday, March 5, at Baptist Health hospitals.


Patients admitted to the hospital will be allowed two (2) visitors at a time. Only two (2) visitors are allowed per calendar day, and swapping of visitors within the same calendar day is prohibited.

Hospital-based Outpatient Procedure (endoscopy, outpatient surgery, interventional radiology, etc.) patients will be allowed two (2) visitors during pre-procedure preparations after the patient has been placed in a treatment room. Visitors will be required to leave the procedure area at the direction of the care team and remain outside the facility until the patient has completed recovery and is ready for discharge. At this time, visitors may be brought in to be present for the discharge process. Visitors will not be allowed to wait inside the facility.

Emergency Department (ED) patients (Not including COVID-19/Patient Under Investigation (PUI) will be allowed one (1) visitor during their stay in the ED, with the exception of pediatric patients who are allowed two (2) parents/guardians. Lobby visitation may be restricted as needed. All ED visitors will be screened prior to entering the facility (a visitor will not be allowed to enter if he/she does not pass screening) and must follow all guidelines below.

Critical Care/ICU patient visitation will be discussed upon admission.

Clergy may visit at the patient’s request. Limit of two (2) persons in the patient’s room at any time.

Visitation will be prohibited to all COVID-19/PUI patients. Exceptions may be granted in compassionate care situations, such as OB patients, NICU, and end-of-life scenarios.

All Visitors Please Note:
• Normal hospital visitation hours are daily until 9:00pm. ICU hours vary per department and will be provided upon admission to the unit.
• Hospital-wide visiting hours will be maintained
• Swapping of visitors will not be permitted; patients must keep the same two visitors per calendar day.
• Visitors must be 18 or above (exception – parents of NICU/pediatric patients)
• Visitors must remain in the patient’s room at all times, except for food delivery and/or cafeteria visit. Visitors will
return immediately to the patient’s room.
• During daytime hours, the approved visitor entrances to the hospital should be used. After hours, the emergency
room entrance should be used.
• Upon arrival, visitors will check in at the appropriate entrance and will then be screened using the standard
screening process.
• Visitors must bring with them and wear a face covering at all times.
• In-hospital interactions should maintain social distancing of six (6) feet to include interaction with a patient.
• Hand washing should be frequent and thorough.
• Compliance with any personal protection equipment or isolation requirements given by staff is required.

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