Reaction from Macon County on Gambling Bill Failing in the Senate

Officials in Macon county react to the gambling bill failing to pass in the senate Tuesday.

Victoryland is one of the few electronic bingo facilities that are open in Alabama. In recent years Victoryland has not been fully operational even before the pandemic. This has drastically affected the revenue in Macon County.

Macon county Commission Chairman Louis Maxwell says it is a huge source of income for Macon county and that they have seen major deficits in revenue and are having to find ways to make up for the loss.

” Victoryland has an economic impact on our county, our school system, you know were talking about economic impact of a million dollars a year” – Louis Maxwell, Commission Chairman.

With Victoryland having such a major impact on the county, the Macon county PTA  Council President says it would have been ideal for schools to have the bill pass.

“I don’t gamble but I’m in support of it, because here is the point. You can go to Atlanta, anywhere in Georgia you’ll see Alabama tags there what are they doing? They’re getting those tickets. So its hypocritical that you would go over there and put your tax dollars and not put your tax dollars in Alabama to support the students and kids in Alabama.”- Robert Johnson, PTA.

Macon County officials say they’re now left looking for other ways to help get more money in the community.


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