In School Learning Set to Resume at Selma City Schools

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Selma City Schools is getting ready to bring students back to school for in-person learning in the next couple of weeks.

Students head back to class March 29th. It’ll be their first time this school year getting in-person instruction. They’ve been forced to learn virtually this year — because of safety concerns caused by COVID-19.

“We’ve been prioritizing safety and health and that’s why we’ve been remote for this year. But it’s time to bring our babies back to school,” said Superintendent Dr. Avis Williams.

Wal Selmareturns Fox PkgSafety measures have been put in place — to keep everyone safe. They include temperature checks at schools — and desk guards for students.

“We will require that everyone wears a mask. And we’ve got protocols in place for cleaning and to make sure our buildings are safe,” said Williams.

Teachers were among those vaccinated at drive-thru vaccination clinic in Selma this week.

“All of our staff have had the opportunity to be vaccinated and most of them chose to do so,” Williams said.

Parents and kids around town appear to be happy about heading back to the classroom.

“Seeing the teacher in person right there in front of them, they do better,” said Jocelyn Vickers. “My children do.”

“It’s like, sometimes the computers and stuff messed up when we’re doing school. And like, it feel like they giving us more work than they do at regular school,” said SOD student Jade Riddle.

“Education is very important, but I want to make sure that they’re doing it in a safe way,” said Lula Harris.

“I understand if parents are concerned,” said Williams.

“I mean, this whole pandemic has been concerning. But I do want to reassure our families and the community that we are prepared. We are prepared to reopen. And we are prepared to do so safely.”

The option to continue virtual learning will also be available.

The Selma City School System has nine schools — about 2800 students — and just under 400 employees.

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