What the Tech? Is an Amazon Prime Subscription Worth It?

Some Amazon Prime subscribers may not be getting their money’s worth from the $119 a year subscription. When Amazon Prime debuted 16 years ago and cost $79. At the time, the most attractive benefit was free 2-day shipping and some lower prices.

Competition from other retailers makes that less attractive now as Target, Walmart and many others offer free shipping on orders $35 and over.

What most Prime members don’t realize is that even without a Prime membership, shipping is free at Amazon for orders over $35. Shipping and handling for orders under $35 is typically about $6 per order. Doing the math you’d need to purchase about 20 orders under $35 just to break even on the annual subscription.

There are other benefits to a Prime subscription that many members are either not aware of or do not use. Here are some of the best benefits of an Amazon Prime Membership that have nothing to do with shipping and handling charges:

● Most Prime members are using Amazon Prime Movies which is a competitor to Netflix. Prime Movies is free for all Prime members and offers a nice selection of movies and TV shows along with Amazon-created shows and movies.
● Amazon Music is a competitor to Apple Music and Spotify. Free to Prime members the streaming service is free of any advertisements provided you listen on an Amazon Echo device or with the Alexa app.
● Amazon Prime Reading. This is one of the benefits that many subscribers gloss over or ignore. Prime Reading provides one free book per month to read on an Amazon Kindle or the Kindle app on any device. There is a great selection including many titles from New York Times best-selling authors. At the moment Prime members can read the entire Harry Potter series.
● Amazon owns many other online companies that offer benefits and discounts to Prime members. Zappos.com orders get free upgraded shipping and Woot! which offers daily discounts on thousands of products offers free shipping to Prime members.
● When you’re searching Amazon for a product and using a computer browser, click on the arrow next to “department” and look for “Just For Prime”. This overlooked dropdown tab curates some of the best deals only for Prime members.
● Prime members also get a free video game per month on Amazon’s Twitch streaming service. Prime members can also subscribe to one channel per month for free.
● If there is a Whole Foods grocery store in the area don’t forget to make them aware you are an Amazon Prime member. Subscribers get an extra 10% off items that are on sale.
● Depending on your zip code you may also qualify for Amazon Prime Now which delivers items in 1-2 hours.
● Prime members also get free storage for photos and videos. Just download the Amazon Prime Photos app and it will automatically upload photos you take with your phone. Photo storage is unlimited, video storage has a 5GB limit for free.
● You can also upload entire folders from your computer to Amazon Photos.

These benefits make Amazon Prime worth the investment because if you’re only paying for it for free 2-day shipping, chances are you’re losing money.

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