City of Selma Honors Legacy of Hometown Hero FD Reese

The city of Selma honors the life and impact — of native son — Dr. Frederick Douglas Reese. Reese was a key figure in the struggle for voting rights in Selma.

March 21st has been designated — Dr. Frederick D. Reese Day — in the city. A program honoring Reese — was held at Selma High School Monday afternoon. Followed by a grand caravan through the city.

“This is just an honor to be here to observe this great, momentous occasion,” said Johnny Moss III.

“It’s long overdue.”

“This day is necessary for young people to understand that whatever position you’re in, you can always strive to achieve and succeed,” said Patricia Stewart.

Reese is widely known as one of the Courageous Eight. And for signing the letter that invited Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. — to help with the on-going struggle for voting rights in Selma.

“If you really want to tell the story of Selma’s Voting Rights Movement, you can’t tell that story without mentioning Dr. F.D. Reese,” said Selma Mayor James Perkins, Jr.

As a long-time educator — church pastor — and civil rights activist in Selma — Reese touched the lives of countless people.

“Dr. Reese is a — was a very charismatic teacher, preacher. And he was led by the spirit in everything he did. He is one person that I would put total confidence and trust in with my own children,” said Stewart.

Reese was also a devoted family man — and a prime example — of a life well-lived.

He died in 2018 at the age of 88.

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